Adventures trips into the pantanal

For more than 20 years now we have been accompanying our guests in the north of the Pantanal. Our guesthouse is located about 28km south of the entrance gate to the Pantanal. It is located directly at the famous dust road, the Transpantaneira, which leads from Poconé to Port Joffre.

Already when you pass the gate, you will notice the incredibly rich fauna and flora. One believes to be in the middle of a huge zoo, only that there are no walls and hardly any security fences and only bushes, trees or the horizon limit the view. At the water points there are Kajmane, over the Transpantaneira there is a Capybara family or an Anaconda in the ditch. The many water lilies between which the big Jabirus storks stalk and look for fishes are a typical picture here. The many light grey termite mounds look as if they would form a dry island in the wet season.

Our 12 tours include trips to the region and the Pantanal itself. These can also be combined.

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Adventures trips into the pantanal

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